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Bernin (Grenoble), France, and Richardson, Texas, September 29th, 2014 — Soitec (Euronext), a world leader in generating and manufacturing revolutionary semiconductor materials for the electronics and energy industries, is today announcing the sale of the gallium arsenide (GaAs) epitaxy business of its Soitec Specialty Electronics subsidiary to Intelligent Epitaxy Technology Inc. (IntelliEPI, GTSM Taiwan: F-IET 4971#), a leader in providing indium phosphide (InP), gallium arsenide (GaAs), and gallium antimonide (GaSb) epitaxial wafers to the electronics and optoelectronics industries. The subsidiary is based in France, at the Villejust site (Essonne department).

The deal follows the previous collaboration between Soitec and IntelliEPI (see press release dated December 12, 2013) .

“The transaction will enable IntelliEPI to widen its customer base and penetrate to several critical GaAs application markets such as automotive radar technology. It will also enable IntelliEPI to provide best-valued products and services to all its customers with expanded manufacturing capacities from its Texas, USA location” said Yung-Chung Kao, IntelliEPI President and CEO.

“The sale of our gallium arsenide (GaAs) epitaxy business to IntelliEPI reflects our drive to refocus Soitec’s electronics division on its key products under its five-year Soitec 2015 program” explained Bernard Aspar,Senior Vice President and Soitec’s Communication & Power Business Unit General Manager.

About IntelliEPI: Intelligent Epitaxy Technology, Inc. (IntelliEPI) was established in 1999 in Richardson, Texas, to supply epitaxy-based compound semiconductor epi wafers to the electronics and optoelectronics industries. The company utilizes its proprietary real-time in situ growth monitoring technology on molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems for the manufacturing of epi wafers on GaAs and InP substrates. Along with IntelliEPI’s extensive experience in MBE processing, the company owns three U.S. patents on real-time in situ growth sensor technology. For more information, visit:

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About Soitec: Soitec is an international manufacturing company, a world leader in generating and manufacturing revolutionary semiconductor materials at the frontier of the most exciting energy and electronic challenges. Soitec’s products include substrates for microelectronics (most notably SOI: silicon-on-insulator) and concentrator photovoltaic systems (CPV). The company’s core technologies are Smart Cut™, Smart Stacking™ and Concentrix™, as well as expertise in epitaxy. Applications include consumer and mobile electronics, microelectronics-driven IT, telecommunications, automotive electronics, lighting products and large-scale solar power plants. Soitec has manufacturing plants and R&D centers in France, Singapore, Germany and the United States. For more information, visit:

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