About Us

Dr. Yung-Chung Kao

President and CEO

Dr. Yung-Chung Kao has over 30 years of MBE experience ranging from system design and construction, epitaxial materials and device development, to sensor-based MBE development. He has contributed to over 100 papers and holds 12 US patents related to MBE growth of PHEMTs, HBTs, RTDs, and sensor-based MBE development.

Dr. Jenn-Ming Kuo

VP and Chief Scientist

is responsible for the development and optimization of MBE growth conditions to support the operation of productions. His expertise and knowledge in MBE growth as well as the experience in device design and processing have been critical to IntelliEPI continued success. Prior to joining this company, Dr. Kuo had spent 15 years doing research on cutting-edge MBE epi materials and devices at Bell Laboratories. Overall, Dr. Kuo has had over 30 years of experience in MBE and electronics/optoelectronics devices. He has published more than 130 technical papers and holds 9 US patents.

The IntelliEPI Team

IntelliEPI’s production and R&D personnel have extensive III-V industry experience in compound semiconductor applications and MBE growth. Our dedicated professionals work to ensure that customers receive the highest quality epi-wafers, technical exchanges, and support.

Our Mission Statement

To serve the III-V semiconductor industries with proprietary MBE growth monitoring and manufacturing know-how to fabricate best-valued epitaxial wafers for wireless and optoelectronics telecommunication applications.

Core Values

Our core beliefs are what we stand for – high ethical standards, respect for individuals, an appreciation for long-term relationships, a concern for the environment and a commitment to the communities we live in.

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