• One Global Network

    IntelliEPI's Many Homes

    Taiwan and Texas are the places IntelliEPI calls home. We are headquartered in the DFW Metroplex, one of the world's foremost regions for innovation and the production of electronic components, ever since the invention of the IC at Texas Instruments in 1958.

    Our global network allows us to reduce overall wafer costs and accelerate time to market for our customers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


  • Smaller, Faster, Stronger

    IntelliEPI: Supplying the Most Advanced Epi-wafers

    The wireless communications industry requires the best components to create mobile handsets, wireless networking products, and more. We use advanced MBE epi-growth technology to manufacture and supply semiconductor epitaxial wafers to handset and communication chip manufacturing companies around the world.

    Staying agile to the requirements of our customers lets our technically superior team ensure that our products, like our company, stay Smaller, Faster, and Stronger.


  • Cutting Edge R&D

    IntelliEPI R&D Enables HD Infrared Applications

    We have fostered a culture of innovation by pulling together a diverse team of scientists and engineers with expertise ranging from IIIV pHEMT/HBT/Laser/IR detector growth to MBE production sensor implementation and MBE hardware technology development.


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